Monday, March 14, 2011

Yarn Bombing . . .

... Knitting Tagging ... what ever you want to call it

For me it all started one November day in Sydney. I saw a pole with knitting on it. Amazing, never seen anything like that before. I photographed it and when I returned to Melbourne I started googling to find out more about this unusual Street Art.

I soon learned that it is called 'Yarn Bombing' by most knitters, although personally I don't like that term, and would prefer to call it Tag Knitting.
I thought ok I'll try to do one too.

That was in January, and it is still in position.
I then thought that instead of knitting all my own tags, why not use left overs from Op Shops etc. so I scouted around and found a few knitted squares, which I applied to poles in January.
.... and they are still in position too.

Then I found a lovely bright scarf in an op shop, a bit worse for wear, with a few little moth holes.  I decided to cut it up, by first doing a few rows of machine stitching.. then cutting between the stitches so it does not fray.
added at the end of January, it is still in position today, looking a bit sad, due to the weather, but firmly in place.

Granddaughter even knitted a whole length to add to a bus seat armrest in a local bus shelter, a nice comfy seat to sit and wait for a bus.
Unfortunately, it was removed within 24 hours. So disappointing.

So we added one to a street seat, and it is still there.

During February I met, via the net, 'Bali' from Twilight Taggers  and she has been a great encouragement.  'Bali' mostly crochets her beautiful installations.

For a Moomba celebration this weekend we went down to the Yarra and she released some lovely yellow ducks in cute crochet outfits, for her Float Away Duck Project.

I just managed to make one ramp on one pontoon all the more 'festive' for the Moomba Festival.

If you are a Yarn Bomber, Knitting Tagger, or Street Artist, follow my blog, and 'Bali's' blog for more inspiration. And please leave your comments, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. LOL!!! I've never seen this street art before, Lyndel! I came over to leave a post on your blog to commiserate with you over your hubby not being well. I can't believe we have not walked past each other at the Austin Hospital at some stage..Anyway, I noticed you had a new blog, and decided to visit. Glad you agree with my sentiments on hand written record keeping!


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