Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Yarn Tagging on Good Friday .. a walk in the Park

Last day of gr'daughter's holiday here today, so we went for a walk in the Park and are very pleased to report that all Yarn Tags left in January are still in position.  Most are looking worse for wear, particularly as they have been out in the blazing sun and the wind and rain, rain, rain.
So to freshen the Park up a bit, we left two new ones today... on a Park bench overlooking the Creek....
and further up the Creek, one on the railings.  Pretty boring colours I know, but these were two from my stash of Op Shop Found knitted squares.

... still added a little brightness to an otherwise, somewhat overcast day.

Hope you all have a happy Easter, I' ll be knitting away getting some work done for the  International Yarn Bombing Day.


  1. ah..

    then the knits must be loved by passers by. That is a sign you are in a good area.

    well done, it feels good to visit them..

  2. I love this one very much!


  3. Oh that yellow is very pretty, and it sure shows up against the railing. Very nice.


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