Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lights in Winter Festival ... it's almost here !!

this is an event being held in Melbourne at Federation Square during JUNE.  I have been working on a few pieces to add to a pole.
"Bali" my friend over at Twilight Taggers introduced me to the Festival, and said they needed lots of bright red/yellow/orange pole pieces, and some white / blue snowflake pieces.  I don't crochet so did not do any of the snowflakes, but I have managed lots of bright pole pieces and one small blue/white/grey pole piece too.

June 11, 2011  is International Yarn Bombing Day and  Worldwide Knit In Public Day, so a lot of us will be hanging out at Fed.Square that day, why not join us,  post an entry on your blog about your yarn bombing journey, and share your yarning 'yarns' with us all.

I can't wait to see how Federation Square looks all 'prettied' up, and nice and cosy too.


  1. You guys in Melbourne are amazing...
    Hats off to you for organizing it..




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