Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished .. .. ..

I arrived at Federation Square [Melbourne] today at 1.30pm to find this HUGE installation, and 'Bali' from over at Twilight Taggers hard at work sewing her, and other knitted and crocheted pieces to the railings.
She quickly found me a spot and I set about attaching all my knitted pieces.. ..

now the workmen were all still there, with their boxes, ladders, cords, drills, lightfittings, mess..... but I think the finished installation will look amazing.
apart from the great Yarn Bombing pieces, knitted and crocheted, there will also be yards and yards of fabric, bunting and all sorts added during the day today, and tomorrow.  The whole thing will be there for all of JUNE.
I saw a few of the contributions from overseas sent to Bali too, including a super cute one from U.S.A.
If you are in Melbourne during JUNE, please drop in for a look. All of my pieces have my 'tag' on them, and apparently, the organizers are happy for ANYONE to add a piece at any time during June, especially on June 11th, which is  International Yarn Bomb Day.

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