Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday Sept 9 in Melbourne City

I belong to the Group Yarn Corner on facebook and we have regular meetings in Melbourne, and work on community projects.  Our latest was to cover the tree outside the TRUNK CAFE in Exhibition Street, and the poles down the side in Lt.Lonsdale Street.

The above piece was a joint effort from several girls.... this was during the construction...

My piece was a long No Standing pole .. I covered the top half in black / white / grey and silver yarns.

and another member did the base in purple and white and purple and silver yarns.

Unfortunately the shadows don't show off my black and grey piece in the best light.

When we had all finished we had an amazing display, and people were stopping all afternoon to ask us about it, including one man who thought we were doing it to soften the blow for any drunks coming out of the nightclubs who may bump into the poles !!!

.. another successful project completed, and we even had a few snails on one pole....

If you are in Melbourne City this week, maybe walk by the TRUNK and see for yourself, or check out the 200 or so photos on our facebook page.

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  1. looks great lyndel! i think i'll be in the city on thursday night so i might have to go for a little wander to have a look!!
    see you wednesday?


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